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Wyoming Member Guidelines

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Understanding and following these guidelines is fundamental to the success and integrity of Wyoming Buy Fresh Buy Local Membership Program.  Please read them carefully, review them often and see to it that they are followed.  Thank you for strengthening the connection between farmers and consumers and helping to bring fresh food to consumers locally across Wyoming.

Membership Criteria (by category)

All members must renew their membership annually by registering with Wyoming Farmers Marketing Association.  Membership criteria are used to assure that foods promoted with Buy Fresh Buy Local marketing materials are locally grown or produced.  Membership criteria are outlined below based on business category.

  1. Farmers/Growers/Producers

Eligible for membership are farmers that grow or raise foods or other agricultural products (ornamental plants, bedding plants or Christmas trees) in the state of Wyoming primarily for consumption in that same region.  This may also include those who add value to the products produced on the farm.
Farmers with a similar local focus that reside outside the campaign region may apply for membership by the local chapter based on one of the following exceptions:

Please note:

  1. Farmers Markets / Grower Only Market

Eligible for membership are farmers markets that include as vendors BFBL members.
Please note:.

  1. Institutions, Restaurants and Stores

Eligible for membership are businesses that buy from BFBL member farmers for food preparation or resale.
Please note:

  1. Food Processors and Processors of Other Food-Based Products

Eligible for membership are processing facilities, butcher shops, bakeries and commercial kitchens that buy from BFBL member farmers for food production.
Please note:

Foods promoted with BFBL materials must contain at least one featured or primary ingredient that is grown or raised on a BFBL member farm.  For example, local apples in an apple pie, or local oats in oatmeal cookies, or local carrots in carrot bread would qualify, whereas applesauce made primarily with non-local apples, or a pie made with only local butter would not qualify.

  1. Wineries/Breweries

Eligible for membership are wineries/breweries that hold an appropriate Wyoming License that also use their own produce and/or produce from local BFBL member/growers.
Please note:

Membership and Dues

  1.  Membership
  1. Membership Dues

Marketing Materials & Toolbox

Repetition and consistency create brand strength.  Members are responsible that marketing materials be produced following the guidelines provided in the Wyoming Buy Fresh Buy Local Toolbox.

  1. All Marketing
  1. Local Food Guide/Directories

Directories are produced annually and distributed throughout the chapter region by newspaper insert, direct mail, point of purchase distribution, email, website etc.
Please note:

  1. BFBL Branded Items

Items featuring the BFBL label and/or logo are regarded as either being advertising materials or promotional materials as shown below.  Advertising materials are distributed, sold to or used by local chapters and chapter members only.  Promotional items are sold to the public.

Advertising Materials

Promotional Materials

Directories, Fliers, Brochures, Point of Purchase Signs, Stickers, Price Cards, Banners, Truck Magnets, BFBL vendor poster and Print Ads

Caps, t-shirts, aprons, tote bags and BFBL supporter posters

 The policy for production and sale is as follows:

Producing BFBL Branded Materials

Selling BFBL Branded Materials

T-shirts, aprons, tote bags and BFBL supporter posters.

4.  Websites
A webpage listing all BFBL Local Chapters can be provided with the help of FoodRoutes Network.  Before proceeding with additional Internet marketing local campaigns should please contact the Wyoming BFBL Chapter Affiliate or FoodRoutes Network. Wyoming BFBL Facebook page and website are under construction.


Membership criteria and reporting are used to confirm that all members are dedicated to seeking growth in sales of Buy Fresh Buy Local products.  Economic impact data (purchases by institutions, sales by BFBL members etc) is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of BFBL.


To facilitate coordination and support from BFBL Chapter Program, each chapter is asked to provide an annual plan to the Wyoming BFBL Chapter Affiliate or FoodRoutes Network by April 1st of every year.  The plan should include:

  1. Contact information for the chapter coordinator
  2. Contact information for the chapter evaluator
  3. A signed copy of the guidelines
  4. A proposed budget
  5. A proposed calendar of activities

The plan should not be more that one or two pages.  Samples are available.

Buy Fresh Buy Local

Local Chapter Guidelines for 2013

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On behalf of the Wyoming Buy Fresh Buy Local
Chapter; I accept the Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapter Guidelines for 2013.


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The Buy Fresh Buy Local Community
To allow us to keep a record of key supporters that share in making Wyoming Buy Fresh Buy Local successful please attach a list including contact information for your steering committee or board members and agency representatives who share responsibility or are legally affiliated with your local campaign.

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