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Promote the purchase, consumption and education of locally produced foods and products.

The Real Objectives of a BFBL Chapter are to:

  • Improve your local economy
  • Increase the % of local food consumed by local citizens from local farms & producers
  • Differentiate the local sustainable food system from large conglomerate global systems that are not sustainable for your community.
  • Enjoy the process of helping increase the availability of healthy sustainably produced local food to every member of your community.
  • Involve as many people from your community as possible in the process! Helping everyone understand that they need to take an active role for the benefit of the community.

 Benefits of the Buy Fresh Buy Local ® Chapter Network:

  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel;
  • You can customize your Chapter materials to reflect your unique locale;
  • You can focus energy on grassroots organizing efforts and not making expensive marketing materials and campaigns;
  • You are part of a strong National network of Chapters working together to find creative ways to achieve our collective goals;
  • We have numerous materials, resources, networking opportunities, and staff and mentor support to help your Chapter be successful; and
  • You are working to bring back local food systems, revitalize your local economy, and improve the health of your community!


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